Recompose was created as a solution to the problem of a polluting funeral industry: we invented, legalized, and now offer an innovative death care option: human composting.

Human composting uses 87% less energy than traditional burial or cremation. For every person who chooses to be composted when they die instead of buried or cremated, we save over a metric ton of carbon. Nutrient-rich soil is created—it's life after death.

Today, Recompose's mission is to make human composting available all over the world. That's where you come in. 

Recompose is powered by our community, and together, we're leading the way. By supporting the Community Fund, you're helping us bring human composting to the world and helping individuals who couldn't otherwise afford the full price of the service.

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Show the world you're a human composting enthusiast. Whether you sport this merch or give as a gift, help spark conversations about a radical new relationship with death.

100% of profits from all purchases go to our Community Fund.

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Do you have strong morels but don't need more gear in your life? Contribute directly to the Community Fund without all the shiitake.

100% of your contribution will go to our Community Fund.